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30lb+ fish in January for Strategy consultants Pieter & Saron at Woodslake!

Traditionally Domaine de Goncourt is closed in Wintertime. Maintenance has to be done, there are hunters and the fish deserves their rest. At high exception the Strategy consultants Pieter van de Werfhorst & Saron Debets got permission to fish Woodslake a couple of days early January!
Since January 2nd Pieter and Saron are at Woodslake, and until Wednesday morning they accomplished to catch 20 carp already with a 36lb as biggest fish. They also managed to catch a beautiful 23lb koi. What a result for January! With a couple of days ahead we hope they will catch one of the biggest fish of the water.
Pieter & Saron test this session the new Strategy Baits Scopex & Cellution, according to the results, the are very happy about it. They fish the boilies over a small bed of maggots, boilie crumbles, pellets, hemp, sweet corn, groundbait and a lot of liquid. This is truly a winter method which works really good!
Also interested in a fishing holiday at Woodslake? The water is very popular and in the entire spring fully booked, in the summer and autumn there are some swims open though. Curious for the reasons why Woodslake is this popular? Read the article Why to Woodslake? That's why to Woodslake!

Update Thursday afternoon: Wintersession Woodslake

Saron & Pieter don't have the best weather you can think of: It is stormy and a lot of rain, but the catches are going great. The score so far is 38 carp!

Update Friday afternoon: Wintersession Woodslake

Due to the bad weather and to re-win the trust in the spots, Pieter and Saron didn't fish Thursday night, instead they baited pretty well. When they returned the rods in position on Friday morning, within a minute they caught the first couple of fish already. They caught a lot of 30lb+ fish up to 39,2lb. They can count 59 carp already, the last one was a small carp. The rods are taken out again and they have baited up a lot. The guys give the spots some rest and food, to give it a go after a couple of hours again!

Update Saturday afternoon: Wintersession Woodslake

The last day they caught again a couple of nice fish! In total they managed to catch 76 fish on Woodslake... This is truly a perfect start for carp season 2012!
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