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    What can you expect at Jurassik Carpe 2? Take a look at our video!


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    The lake

    Jurassik Carpe 2 has 11 spacious swims for a maximum of 13 anglers in total. Every swim has at least 4 acres! The swims are placed strategically so you don’t have any neighbours on the opposite bank. So your peace, space and privacy are guaranteed!

    The lake is fed by several sources...

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    The carpstock

    Although it is hard to estimate the exact carp stock we know that Jurassik Carpe 2 has a lot of potentials. Nearly every week, several carp over 40lb are caught! The average weight of the carp caught over the last years was around 30lb. Besides carp, you also have the chance to catch big sturgeon,...

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    The facilities

    On site, you will find 3 different buildings that are at your disposal during your fishing holiday. You have a toilet, bathroom with shower, fridge, freezer and charging points. There is also a small tackleshop on site and a restaurant. You can eat on site and have the meals delivered to your site....

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    This carpnews is about Jurassik Carpe 2

    Jurassik Carpe 1 scores an 8.8 out of 10 in the BTW Revealed review!
    Written by Willem KwintenRead our blog

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