France - 190 miles from Calais

Jardin des Carpes

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Jardin des Carpes is the brainchild of owner, Florian, and his family. They have been fish farming for generations in the Champagne region and have now been running their own carp fishing lake in northern France for several years. If you are looking for an intimate atmosphere an accessibly priced lake...

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What can you expect?

  • Record carp 49 LBS
  • 8-acres of water surface
  • Max. 4 anglers
  • 1 swim with accommodation
  • 2-bivvy swims
  • Boats are allowed
  • Bait boats are allowed
  • Dogs are allowed
  • Swim accessible by car
  • Friendly host
  • No weed present

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Jardin des Carpes starting from € 950.00

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Carp Stock

The fish stock of Jardin des Carpes has been very precisely recorded by the owners. Totalling 116 carp, the fish stock consists of:

  • 20 common carp weighing up to 47lb
  • 81 mirror carp weighing up to 45lb
  • 10 grass carp weighing up to 49lb
  • 5 koi carp weighing up to 18lb

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The Facilities

Jarden des Carpes features two rustic and picturesque log cabins on the waterfront. The first log cabin is very simple, but it is equipped with a shower, 12V charging point and dry toilet. The second log cabin is a 26m2 floating log cabin on the...

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Price setting

It is possible at Jardin des Carpes to reserve an entire week for vacation. The price for this is outlined below:

Week (Saturday- Saturday)

  • Exclusive rental of the entire water for a max of 4 anglers inclusive of the floating log cabin: € 950,-

Jardin des Carpes – Services

Available on Location

  • 10kg ready-made French corn € 20,-
  • 10kg ready-made hemp € 35,-
  • 10kg ready-made millet € 35,-
  • 10kg ready-made tiger nuts € 50,-
  • 20kg pellets (16/20mm) € 45,-

Note: The sale of bait, meals and other services takes place directly between the guest and the water owner. The Carp Specialist can in no way be held responsible for problems that may arise or price changes of the above services. You can place your order at least 2 weeks before arrival at The Carp Specialist, however, you pay for your order in cash upon arrival at the lake.

Main rules

Strict rules have been set at Jardin des Carpes. Please respect the rules for your own pleasure, and that of your fellow anglers. The lake owner had the right to remove you from the property in case the rules stated below are not respected.

Time of arrival: 13:30
Time of departure: before 11:30
Night fishing is allowed
Maximum three rods per angler
Unhooking mats are mandatory and must be large and thick enough to prevent damage to the fish
Sacking the fish is prohibited
Disinfection of the wound is mandatory (eg Korda Carp Care Kit)
No unmanned rods
Microbarb hooks are mandatory with maximum hook size 2
Braided main lines are prohibited


Address details
Country: France
Department: Marne
Region: Grand Est
Town: Jâlons
ZIP Code: 51150
Street: Les Tarnauds / 46, Rue de Cherville

GPS Coordinates
49°01'00.5"N 4°10'40.2"E

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