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    What can you expect at CarpInsula - Belly Pool? Take a look at our video!


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    The lake

    The Belly Pool is one of the many beautiful ponds at this nature reserve of Carpinsula. With only 1 acre in size, it is not hard to get the fish in your zone... but the hard part is, is not to disturb the fish. The Belly Pool was, together with the other ponds, dug back in the '60s for the employees...

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    The stock

    Let me get right to the point: the carp stock at the Belly Pool is exceptional. Jelle is a fish breeder and handpicked his most beautiful fish for his lakes. The stock is 'only' 25 carp, several grass carp, a koi, and two silver carp over 45lb. Don't expect a lot of runs but you have to work hard...

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    The facilities

    As mentioned earlier, the goal for Jelle is to bring carp fishing and nature together with leaving the smallest footprint possible. We see that ecotourism is good for the environment and all animals that live in this nature reserve. So there is no electricity and running water on site. We would recommend...

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